Pilates has been designed to appeal to all levels of strength and physical endurance, including the young and fit, and the elderly who need to improve core muscle groups. The exercises are built specifically to suit you, and can be made to be as easy going or as demanding as you wish, and can easily be tied into other forms of exercise.

But, Pilates doesn’t stop there. It works in ways that other exercises fail to accomplish. It is an exercise that marries itself directly to the mind. In doing so, the exercises you wish to perform are controlled entirely by your mindset.

And there’s more.

Pilates can alter the way in which you perceive the world around you.

The obvious example is that of everyday tasks. What would once feel a daunting experience, from mowing the grass to moving many bricks, suddenly becomes a simple thought process – whatever the task, it is simply something that needs doing and something that can be easily achieved. This is the kind of mindset that Pilates enables us to utilise, and no words can correctly describe the effect, as it is always individual.

And that is just the beginning. The ways in which the thought process is altered really cannot be understated.

Your mind becomes a true computer, in a way in which it was meant to be – working without the horrors of stress to corrupt it. All manner of things change. You have a true sense of where you belong in both time and space. Sounds crazy? Believe us, it is true.

Everything else that your body requires becomes second nature. Your breathing is scaled at a level that the lungs and brain require, and alters accordingly to the situation at hand. No longer will you feel the need to pause and take deep breaths, because your body has already prepared itself.

Shocks? Yes, we all experience them, from falls to car accidents. Under normal circumstances our breathing becomes unregulated and rapid. With the skills learnt via Pilates we are able to quickly alter how our breath works without even knowing we are doing so – the mind has taken control.

Many studies have shown Pilates to be of massive benefit to our way of thinking. It boosts many critical functions, including digestion and metabolism, but also helps cognitive operations, including the relief of stress, anxiety and depression. And, the effects are rather immediate. Only a couple of sessions of Pilates helps you understand the importance of your mind over the exercise.

It is such understanding that makes Pilates an exercise that works above others. While – certainly – it can be applied to any other exercise regime, it is still the most effective form of exercise that incorporates mind over matter. Lifting weights and punching boxing pads may have physical benefits, but they fail to take into account the rest procedures and how the mind can control our true limits.

Pilates may be a form of exercise, but it is a form of exercise that leaves your mind in complete control. It leaves your mind in control of everything, and not just the exercise.