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Pilates and Yoga classes designed specifically for women in the Derby area. For more information or to book a class, give us a call on 01332 895324.

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Based in the beautiful surroundings of the Darley Abbey Mills, our pilates class combines easy going exercises with mind relaxing scenery. Pilates is a fitness technique that doesn’t involve intensive workouts, but can still strengthen muscles groups all over the body, including groups that other forms of exercise fail to reach properly.

Pilates is – essentially – a learning technique that helps the brain realign itself with regards control of core muscle groups. The spine plays a key role in every motion – the aim is to find a neutral position which can be maintained over a variety of different positions.

Why Choose Pilates Over Other Exercises?

While all forms of exercise are good for our health, some can be too extensive and exhausting, and may not actually concentrate on the parts of our body that need the most calibrating.

But, please don’t think that fitness pilates is a mild, or easier alternative to other exercises. It can be made to suit your personal style and you can make that style as easy-going or as demanding as you so wish.

Pilates also doesn’t have to be a stand alone routine. It can readily be combined with any other form of work out, from demanding weight lifts to swimming classes. It is this flexibility that makes it all the more appealing, and all the more beneficial. All in all, fitness pilates helps make other exercises easier to perform, as your core muscle groups are being continually toned, and ready for whatever else you may wish to throw at them.

And, also, pilates is a form of exercise that belongs to you. You can make the system work, via what you have learnt, entirely in your own time.

Ready to Make a Change?

Our Derby Pilates class meets the highest of standards. Based on the top floor of Derby Mills, with views overlooking the beautiful and scenic surroundings of Darley Park, we really do have a location to boast about. And, our interior meets the very highest of standards, with equipment and space that will impress everyone.

All are welcome to join our pilates class. And, for the curious, we are only too happy to give you an introduction to what is involved and how the exercise may work for you, whatever your personal need may be.

Already experienced in pilates? No problem. We fully understand that it can be difficult to find a class to further master your skills and to exercise in like-minded company, and we are here to help erase that problem and make your exercise all the more enjoyable.